Bryan Garvey

I am a product experience leader.

I like to work with smart people to make products + business happen.

I enjoy ideas and understanding how and why things work for different people, which explains my interests in history, philosophy, politics and all sorts of things I try not to talk about at parties. It's also why I like working in my garage and renovating old houses but doesn't explain why I hate everything to do with plumbing. I've played with the same three friends in a local cover band for statistically longer than most people stay married. I like visiting the ocean and living in the mountains, though I'd rather be too hot than too cold. I currently work as an associate director of digital product for Radio Systems Corporation (parent company of PetSafeĀ®, SportDOGĀ®, and Invisible FenceĀ® Brand) on a variety of products, IoT devices, native apps, websites and ecommerce platforms. I teach company classes on human centered design, prototype obsessively, and am rarely at my desk.